• Rebecca Sheridan

    Rebecca Sheridan

    Residential Loan Officer
    NMLS# 1751438

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    If you’re a real estate investor looking for long-term, low down payment options, we can help. With Gateway Mortgage Group’s new Investor Advantage loan, you now have the option to finance your next investment property with zero down* – allowing you to save money and invest more.

    How it works:

    • Identify your property, proposed contractor, and firm budget
    • Once identified, you will receive a short-term zero down, fixed rate loan that allows you to acquire and improve the property
    • Upon completion of the repairs and improvements, the property is refinanced to a 30-year fixed rate conventional investment loan
    *Borrower must invest sufficient cash equity to fund construction so that the as-completed loan-to-value is no greater than 75% maximum. If this condition is met, a downpayment is not required.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Finance up to 75% of the property’s future value for  purchase, renovations & repairs and closing costs
    2. Flexible renovations projects allowed (incl. structural, cosmetic and mechanical)
    3. No Mortgage Insurance to allow for maximum ROI on rental income
    4. Fixed standard conforming rate options: Terms range from 10-30 years
    5. Single Family home including duplex
    6. Borrower must have 1 existing investment property
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    NMLS# 1751438

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